Sunday, July 16, 2006

Summer Vacation

Today we went to a bar-b-q at a co-worker's home out in a rural area east of Ottawa. It was exciting getting there, as it suddenly started pouring. It has been so hot here (33 degrees celsius) for a few days that you could see steam when the rain hit the ground. With the wipers going full tilt, we could not see a foot in front of the car, and wondered if we would see a tornado.

Otherwise, we had a great time - it dried up for about two hours - and the kids got to trampoline, swim, play all kinds of games, and we got to relax, talk and eat lots of great food.

Tomorrow morning we have to get up early to leave for our friend's cottage. Everyone is very excited about going there - it's on an island and the travel includes a boat ride. It will be a great place to be with the heat wave continuing for the next few days.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

If anyone is wondering why I am not around much... it is mostly because my business is going so well. I counted how many files I have to work on the other day - there are at least 45 open files! I was really surprised to learn this but it does explain why I am totally exhausted all of the time. When I get home I usually want to just lie down and rest, let alone make dinner.

The good news is that we are getting away on Sunday for three days at a friend's cottage. The boys are coming, including Owen, Oliver and my dad. We may allow their friends to come too. Dorothy is going to stay home with the animals, while Zoe is going to her dads for more pampering.

The weather forecast is looking wonderful from Friday to Sunday - I hope it can last until Monday!

Poor Zoe

Dorothy and Sarah got their wisdom teeth out when they were 19 which apparently is the average age for this to happen. Poor Zoe, with her 16th birthday next week, had to go through it much sooner than they did.

Today was Zoe's appointment to get her wisdom teeth out, so I took the day off, and will stay home tomorrow too. She has been throwing up most of the afternoon, and dealing with the pain as the freezing went away. I felt sorry for her as I tried to make her more comfortable and give her cold things to drink and eat.

I was around the same age when I got mine out around the same age (the summer after grade 9). We lived in a very small town - Trenton, Ontario - and I had been having ear aches for about two years - finally the dentist figured out that it was my wisdom teeth causing the problem. The next step was sorting out where I would get them taken out, as back then, they didn't do it as a day surgery - at least, they didn't in my town. This would have been about 1978.

So my mom made arrangements for me to travel to the big city of Toronto where I could stay with her Aunt Violet - and from there, I went into a hospital for about two days to get the surgery. I remember being the "baby" at the hospital, compared to the other older, cooler 18-20 year olds getting it done the same day. There was one really cute boy who ended up really getting swelling, while I didn't get much at all.

Anyway, I guess it's just one of those growing up things most of us have to go through. Meanwhile, we ran out to the store tonight to stock up on cold things such as: ice cream, pudding, apple sauce, juice, pop and canned peaches. I also got other "soft" stuff such as: alpha ghetti, eggs (for scrambled eggs), noodles, instant mashed potatoes and stuff to make milk shakes.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just call me grandma...

Announcing... the new arrivals!

Max, Dal, Iggy and Maggie.
Born on July 1st, in time for Canada Day!

3 boys and 1 girl... we have created a puppy palace in our bedroom so they are close by for the first two weeks.

Pictures to come soon.

Mother is doing well and recovering most excellently.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I heard about this on the Colbert Report... and HAD to look it up. The Top 50 Conservative Rock Songs. Check it out!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Camping Fun

On the one hand:

- mosquitos and wasps
- icky water not really good for swimming (lots of weeds and slime)
- canoe rental was not operating so no canoeing
- we forgot to bring lots of things, including a grater and chairs
- there were 2 "new" girls and 3 "new" boys (think about it)

On the other hand:
- camp fires late into the night with guitar enhanced sing alongs
- smores and other wonderful camp food
- bonding with friends, old and new

Overall a good time was had by all. I think the highlight for me was meeting Richard's wife, Carole, as we have a lot in common.

Poor Oliver, he tried so hard to impress the 14 year old pair of girls, including climibing a tree, challenging the other boys to wrestling and telling lame jokes... but they did not find him desirable at all, instead preferring the two boys named Eric. Maybe now he will start showering and brushing his hair.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Oliver and I are going camping with our youth group this weekend. This is our end of the year retreat.Tonight he went shopping with another youth advisor for the groceries, while I bbq'd the chicken for fahitas for tomorrow night's meal after we get the tents set up. Then we found the tent, the coolers and other stuff we might want to take with us.

Tomorrow I have to go to court in the morning, and then attend a memorial service in the afternoon. Afterwards, I will go pick up my dad's van, then pick up various youth and get stuff from my place. We are camping in a local campgrounds on the Rideau River, not too far away so it won't take long to get there.

It is calling for great weather... sunny, warm and no rain. (Knock on wood)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

We Love Origami

Owen, Zoe, Dorothy and I did some origami last night. Like, balloons, cups, boats, fish and birds... then we looked at an interesting web site that has origami.

Isn't this amazing? We are in awe. Origami is a true art.

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